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Victoria Prince

Founder of Energy Ball Recipes


director and Founder of
wellness lab ltd®

“When I started to work with Sparke Club, I had no idea what I wanted my Energy Ball Recipe Kits to look like; I just had a concept. Through a couple of meetings and lots of questions, they worked on the idea generation, product development and even created a brief for the illustrator.
When the concepts came back, I could have cried! What they had articulated could not have been more perfect! It didn’t stop there either, once the Recipe Kits were launched, Emma and Hayley’s continued product management was invaluable, looking at ingredients and product range to ensure my customers always had the best!”
“I’ve worked with Sparke Club on several projects including market research, product development and product packaging. 
They’re very informative and have a wealth of experience to share, they’ve helped me engage with my customers that has resulted in new product launches and helped find a supplier that I’ve been searching for since the very beginning! Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone in the food industry. Can’t wait to do the next project with them!”

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Sparke Club was founded in 2018 by Emma Clarke and Hayley Spencer. Together we have over 35 years experience working with products, development, branding and marketing. We’ve worked for big companies and small, mainly specialising in food. We have worked on products that have been sold in some pretty famous high street stores, in supermarkets, online and some of our fantastic products have even made the trip internationally. We love love love all things new. New products, New stores, New service, New everything and we’re always on the lookout for new ways of doing things. Especially ways that challenge the status quo (Nothing like a bit of boat rocking) and we never settle for doing things how they’ve always been done, just because thats how its always been.
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