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Our packages below are perfect for businesses who need an injection of spark and creativity from passionate product innovators.

Hayley and Emma from Sparke Club

report: 360° product/service review

Imagine if you could have your product/service reviewed by an expert. Someone who could give you honest and comprehensive feedback through the eyes of the consumer, with the objective of making it brilliant. To give it that extra 10% to take it from being a great product to something truly exceptional. Well that’s exactly what we can do for you.

what does it include?

A full review of your product or service, with relevant photos and feedback/suggestions in the format of a pdf report.

1.The start – we’ll purchase your product/service (so we can review the full customer experience)

 2.The experience – we will use the product/service as your customer would 

3. Feedback – you will receive comprehensive feedback and recommendations for  improvements in a pdf ‘report’ style format. We will review the product itself, branding, packaging, customer service, communications and any other relevant touch points

4.Optional in depth consultation – once you have received your report you will have the option to ‘add on’ an in depth 1 hour consultation with us for an extra cost of £100. This will enable you to receive detailed, actionable feedback based on the report we have prepared and, of course, you will have the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have

5. Outcome – you will be confident with your product/service and understand how to maximise its performance

from £500 + vat


When idea generation and mindfulness collide, magic happens. Sounds cheesy but this is without a doubt where you get your ‘lightbulb’ moments. Who else does their best thinking in the shower? What if we told you that using mindfulness techniques you can achieve the optimal state of mind for generating new ideas whenever you choose?

what does it include?

A full or half day workshop on your chosen project/product with us alongside our Mindfulness guru  and teacher Amy Polly.

1. Space – we will show you how to give yourselves space to think, utilise that inner creativity and create those all important ideas using mindfulness techniques

2.Rocket – using the mindset you have just learnt, we will lead you in an idea generation session. You’ll be amazed at the ideas you come up with!

3.Land – bringing it back down to earth, we will ensure you land your ideas exactly where they need to be, empowering you to build your ideas into outline concepts

4.Your next adventure – we will advise you on how to make the most of the ideas and outline concepts you have just built. We will also leave you with a whole heap of techniques you can take with you to your next session to really get the best out of your team and your products.

5. Optional: want us along for the ride? We can collaborate with you on building those initial outline concepts into a full blown product concepts – from the product itself to branding and packaging we will use samples and images to bring your amazing ideas to life

from £1500 + vat

report & consult: Creating incredible range extensions

Have you got a fantastic product? Want to extend your range but don’t have the time to think about where to take it? We can help. We will get to know you, your business and your goals and provide you with clear and authentic ideas/concepts for your next product/range.

what does it include?

3-5 idea proposals for your next best selling product/range. We will then work with you to streamline the ideas and select a winner.

1. Consult – we will spend some time with you to thoroughly understand your business,  your products and your vision

2. Create – using our Sparke Club expertise, we’ll squirrel away creating product/range ideas based on your brief 

3. Build –  we will develop your ideas and consult with you on our recommendations for the winners, plotting them on a bespoke matrix to select which 3-5 ideas to take forward.

4. Review – we will provide gap and trend analysis along with the ideas we put forward.


 5.Concept creation – if required we can take your preferred idea(s) and make them into a winning concept including product, packaging and design (3D illustrations)

from £2000 + vat

remote learning: How to come up with simply brilliant ideas

Stuck in a rut with your innovation? In Struggling to get creativity into your business? We can help. We will deliver four online workshops to give you the tools to come up with brilliant ideas which become your next best sellers. What’s more, these tools will work for you in person or virtually so you have full flexibility over how to make the most of these tools with your teams.

what does it include?

Series of 4 x 1 hour training sessions delivered via zoom/other covering:

1. Inspiration – where to find it, how to get it and how to use it . We will cover trends, mindset and competitors. Bringing you that extra Sparke we all need from time to time

2. Idea creation – how to come up with a winning idea. Covering idea generation techniques for both online and in person sessions

3. Idea building – building your ideas into tangible propositions, refining them and backing the winners 

4. Concept creation – how to turn your idea into a winning concept

You will leave the training sessions with a heap of new techniques and feel confident adopting these to maximise your creative sessions

£3750 + vat

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