So what’s NPD?

So what’s NPD?

It stands for new product development and means exactly as it sounds.  But it can be a scary place with 95% of all new product launches failing in their first year.

There are so many reasons why a product may fail, the important thing is to not see these as failures, and we know it’s a cliche but think of them as learning curves. Because that truly is what they are.

How do we know?

Because after almost 35 combined years of product development behind us we speak from experience.  We have had huge successes, but then on the flip side we have of course had failures, those failures made us stronger the successes made us more determined to do even better and keep learning, no resting on laurels here (ok so a bit of resting/champagne glasses clinking when said successes happened, be rude not to after all.). Our mantra through our product development careers thus far has always been, the day we stop learning is the day we will pack it all in and move on. That day has so far not arrived and here we are speaking with you lovely people. ‘

‘We absolutely flippping love developing new products’ -FACT

But what we love even more is ‘sparke’ ing new ideas, working out how we could make something even better, making you profit (you’re allowed to make profit, this is not a dirty word)  All round trying to make your product and your brand the success it deserves to be.

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