Your High Street Store: Thriving Online

This course is creative, practical and packed with exercises, tips and advice.

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Start date: 21st July

We created this course because we love our high streets, the last thing we want to happen is for them to disappear.

So a little while ago we got our heads together and thought about what we could do. This course was the result. We wanted to to reach as many people as possible with some really good advice. Techniques for shifting thinking and ways of working differently which would transform how you work.

What we knew is we couldn’t do this alone.  To give you the best chance of thriving on and offline we wanted to give you the big picture.

So we got in contact with some truly wonderful people who are experts in their fields. (Click on their names to read more about them)

  • Anna – Specialisms: Creating visual personalities, branding, creative direction and art direction.
  • Claire – Specialisms: Social media guru, online technical expert, digital marketing and brand design.
  • Victoria -Specialisms: All round marketing guru and accountability mentor.

So with that said we are really proud of how this has turned out and we are so happy to be brining this course to you. 

Is it for me?

✓ You own a high street store, cafe or restaurant and want to understand how to transform your business

✓ If you want to understand more about how to create a more linked up approach to your high street store and your online presence 

✓ If you want to unlock your stores potential 

✓ If you are looking for some direction and focus


Whatever stage you’re at this course is packed full of advice, expertise and practical exercises to jumpstart your off/online business and if you are still not sure if this is for you drop us a line or DM us on Instagram. We’d be happy to help you further.

Module 1:

Get to know your customers

Getting to know your customers is a fundamental part of selling. Unless we truly know who is coming into our stores, we can never hope to fully understand what their needs, wants and passions are. In this module we will explore how you get to know your customers better and how knowing this will improve your business.

Module 2:

redefine your brand

In this module we will talk about your brand, perhaps you have an offline and online presence. Are your customers experiences the same on both platforms? Are there more platforms you should be on? 

Are they getting the same tone of voice, look and feel?

We will also explore how you can build your brand using ‘your story’ and how that can make you standout from the crowd

Module 3:

Reimagine, refine and develop your product range

Quite simply are your products fit for purpose? In this module we will be asking you to take a real look at what your ranges are, what they should be and are they right for the customer today? 

We will also be asking you to think outside the box, are there other things you could be offering? Are there other ways of maximising your stores profitability?

Module 4:

bringing it all together

Across the previous three modules you will have explored the depths of your store and we will have tested your resolve by asking you some hard hitting questions. 

This module we will be brining it all together just as the title suggests and asking you to take a look at your branding, photography, styling and how you make it hang together in one cohesive story.

Module 5:

Selling your online product

In this final module, we will explore your sales methods (Are you maximising all avenues?) We will also be exploring with you some practical methods in getting your business out there for all to see. 

Helping you work out what a simple marketing strategy could look like and how to build good content and how that helps with reaching new audiences.

The details…

About Us

Here at Sparke Club we’re all about sparking new ideas big or small, developing existing ones and generally working to create some great products, be that a bit of idea generation, help with costing, brand direction…the list goes on. Basically if you’ve got a product or service and you need some help/guidance (we all do from time to time) we’re the team for you.

Sparke Club was founded in 2018 by Emma Clarke and Hayley Spencer. Together we have over 35 years experience working with products, development, branding and marketing. We’ve worked for big companies and small, mainly specialising in food. The products we have worked on have been sold on the high street, in supermarkets, online and internationally.

Our first development project as Sparke Club saw us gain a listing in Selfridges. We’ve worked on creative workshops, technical challenges, supplier sourcing and much more in between.

We’re passionate about helping small businesses and understand that what you really need is to be given the tools to do an amazing job yourself. Of course, call on the experts when the time comes but we really want you to understand the steps it takes to launch a successful product.


Hayley and Emma from Sparke Club

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