Product Innovation: how to create successful products

This course is creative, practical and packed with exercises, tips and advice.

This course will take you through the steps you need to take to create a fantastic product that actually sells and makes money. You will take your brilliant product idea and make it into a sustainable and profitable business that makes you feel good, makes others feel good and pays the bills at the same time.

Is it for me?

✓ if you are just starting out and have a product idea but have not yet developed that idea 

✓ if you are in the early stages of a product (perhaps you have a recipe but not packaging)

✓ if you already have a product but think it can work harder for you

✓ if you are looking to expand your existing product range

Module 1:

How to come up with a winning idea

Firstly you need to be confident that your product idea is one which is going to succeed. In this module we will explore your motivations behind creating a new product, show you how to understand your competitors and your unique place in the market, what trends are and what they mean for you and how to come up with and build your product idea.

Module 2:


Understanding your brand will impact every decision you make for your product. In this module we will go through the basics of branding. Your brand is so much more than your logo, packaging or your website. It’s understanding your brand’s vision, what you stand for (your values), your brand’s personality, who your consumers are and how to find out more about them.

Module 3:

How to make a product – the basics

 Now you have your brilliant product idea and understand your brand, how do you make it into a reality? This module will take you through the practical steps you need to take. From the product itself (sourcing materials, making claims, etc.), the packaging, where and how your product can be manufactured and legal and technical requirements.

Module 4:

Product costing

While your product is now looking fantastic, we need to make sure it makes you some money. In this module we will walk you through how to calculate your product cost and ultimately how you will make a profit from your product.  

Module 5:

So now what do I do?

In this final module we will bring everything together and explore what you need to do next. There’s some helpful tips and advice around protecting your idea, communications, what sales platforms you could use, raising funds and personal development. You will leave this course with a full step-by-step guide of exactly what you need to do to create a successful and sustainable product.

The details…

About Us

Here at Sparke Club we’re all about sparking new ideas big or small, developing existing ones and generally working to create some great products, be that a bit of idea generation, help with costing, brand direction…the list goes on. Basically if you’ve got a product or service and you need some help/guidance (we all do from time to time) we’re the team for you.

Sparke Club was founded in 2018 by Emma Clarke and Hayley Spencer. Together we have over 35 years experience working with products, development, branding and marketing. We’ve worked for big companies and small, mainly specialising in food. The products we have worked on have been sold on the high street, in supermarkets, online and internationally.

Our first development project as Sparke Club saw us gain a listing in Selfridges. We’ve worked on creative workshops, technical challenges, supplier sourcing and much more in between.

We’re passionate about helping small businesses and understand that what you really need is to be given the tools to do an amazing job yourself. Of course, call on the experts when the time comes but we really want you to understand the steps it takes to launch a successful product.


Hayley and Emma from Sparke Club

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