Your high street store: thriving online

This course is for you if you own a high street store, cafe or restaurant and want to understand how to transform your business to be successful online. You may already have an online presence and want to build it up or perhaps you are just starting out online. Whatever stage you’re at this course is packed full of advice, expertise and practical exercises to jumpstart your off/online business.

We've teamed up with also some fantastic businesses to bring you this course. Who are experts in their fields.

Anna - Specialisms: Creating visual personalities, Branding, Creative Direction and Art Direction
Claire - Specialisms: Social media guru, Online technical expert, digital marketing and brand design
Victoria -Specialisms: All round marketing guru and accountability mentor

Module 1 Module 1: Get to know your customers
Topic 1 Intro Copy -Module 1: Get to know your customers (VIDEO)
Topic 2 Who are they?
Topic 3 Understand what they want
Topic 4 How and where are they currently shopping?
Topic 5 Tapping into trends
Module 2 Redefine your brand
Topic 1 Intro Copy -Module 2: Redefine your brand (VIDEO)
Topic 2 How do people see you?
Topic 3 How can you stand out online?
Topic 4 How to talk to your customers
Topic 5 What platforms should I be on?
Topic 6 How you can develop a brand story
Module 3 Reimagine, refine and develop your product range
Topic 1 Your product range
Topic 2 Pricing
Topic 3 Creating new online products
Topic 4 Think big
Topic 5 intro - module 3
Module 4 Brining it all together
Topic 1 intro - module 4
Topic 2 look and feel - why its important
Topic 3 Your physical space
Topic 4 Photography/styling
Topic 5 A consistent story
Module 5 Selling your online product
Topic 1 Rethinking your sales methods
Topic 2 Your online store
Topic 3 Getting your business noticed
Topic 4 Building content
Topic 5 profit
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