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It’s a big vision. But we have big ambitions to match – not just for us but for you too. We want businesses big and small to embrace innovation, to not feel afraid of creating new products or services and ultimately make money from doing so.

We’re a two woman team (Emma and Hayley) and have worked together for over 10 years. We have a shared love of new products, services and all things innovation. We’re always trying new things, from a new flavour chocolate bar to a new cafe or new retail store concept. 

We’re passionate about working flexibly with our clients so whether you’ve just started on your journey or are quite well established we’re sure we have a plan or can tailor something just for you.

about us

Sparke Club was founded in 2018 by Emma Clarke and Hayley Spencer. Together we have over 35 years experience working with products, development, branding and marketing. We’ve worked for big companies and small, mainly specialising in food. The products we have worked on have been sold on the high street, in supermarkets, online and internationally. 

Our first development project as Sparke Club saw us gain a listing in Selfridges. We’ve worked on creative workshops, technical challenges, supplier sourcing and much more in between


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